Saturday, August 14, 2010

i'm fasting

Today,,is my forth day of fasting..
i got a new experience..
fasting in work place,,
my practical office,,,
oh,,it's really bored n sleepy..
just do,,and do the work that are given..
oh work~~~

sometimes i think~~
i rather like to fasting at my study's place,,,
at uitm dungun,,it's also tired and sleepy,,
but,not feeling bored same as at ofice,,
but,,what i like most for this ramadhan is,,,
my ramadhan with my family...
but,there is something lacking,,
my oldest sister,my brother in law n my nephew..
is not here...

they also cannot be with us for the 'Hari Raya'..
what ever is,,,i will miss them...especially,,...
my cutesttttt nephew,,faheem syauqi..