Saturday, August 14, 2010

i'm fasting

Today,,is my forth day of fasting..
i got a new experience..
fasting in work place,,
my practical office,,,
oh,,it's really bored n sleepy..
just do,,and do the work that are given..
oh work~~~

sometimes i think~~
i rather like to fasting at my study's place,,,
at uitm dungun,,it's also tired and sleepy,,
but,not feeling bored same as at ofice,,
but,,what i like most for this ramadhan is,,,
my ramadhan with my family...
but,there is something lacking,,
my oldest sister,my brother in law n my nephew..
is not here...

they also cannot be with us for the 'Hari Raya'..
what ever is,,,i will miss them...especially,,...
my cutesttttt nephew,,faheem syauqi..

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Monday, August 9, 2010

kerja+skit kepala

ello blog,,, 
dh dekat 2mggu ak xupdate blog ni?? 
pe jd ek ngan blog ak??
ntah,,,ak bknyer mlas,,
xde mse,,
bejalan je keje ak time cuti2 ni,,
tp,ri ni ak demam,,

demam rndu ker??oiit??rndu??oh tidak!!!
bru smlm dia balik~~`
bknlah,,,ak demam skli ngan gastrik,,,
tp,,cam plik je ak gastrik...xpenah2,,,
pe2 pun..rbu nnti dh ramadhan,,
salam ramadhan,,,moga2 kt dpat lalui ramadhan dgn sempurna..
dn smoge bertambahlah amal ibadah kt,,
ak de azam tuk ramadhan kli ni...
moga2 tercapailah azam ak,,
insyaALLAH,,,,dgn izinNYA~~~

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